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As a leader with a track record of collaboration, I’m ready to address our critical issues head-on and bolster the businesses, innovators, volunteers and neighbors who make Portland an incredible place to live.

It's our struggle, our choice, and our future. Right now parts of Portland are struggling while other areas are flourishing. Over the past few years, nearly all of Portland has become dramatically less affordable for everyone.

But our challenges today can be building blocks for our future.

We can create a thriving city with wise investment in safety and infrastructure, sensible policies that make middle housing viable and support people out of addiction and homelessness, and improve our transportation system. 

Portlanders have no lack of creativity and great ideas. Let's collaborate with our communities, investing in solutions that truly work. Every Portlander deserves a city government that works for all.

As a city there’s a lot we can do.



Clean up the city

Portlanders pay a lot of taxes and we deserve a city that is safe and clean for all to enjoy. 

Let's not just clean up graffiti, campsite trash and broken windows, but go upstream to ensure all neighborhoods feel safe and clean by bringing communities and police together and prosecuting street, drug and property crimes that impact livability for everyone. When fentanyl and other hard drugs are cheap, available and tolerated our kids and our communities aren’t safe.

Choose a leader who will stand up for our communities, bring accountability to our streets and help our neighborhoods feel safer by making sure we have enough first responders to be there when we need them. 

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Help people with addiction and homelessness

We’re in a shelter and addiction emergency. Let’s treat it like one. Homelessness and drug addiction are symptoms of human suffering that impact livability across Portland. We can provide people with real pathways to homes and recovery by fixing the broken connections in our system and creating more capacity. People must also choose for themselves. 

Some broken connections we must fix: 

  • Shelter entry system that leaves nearly 25% of beds unfilled each night.
  • Portland Street Response which is doing good work, but needs to operate 24/7 and have the ability to transport people who want help.
  • Detox/ treatment system which has an 83% failure rate for placement and turned 1,000 people back onto the street last year due to lack of recovery housing and services. 
  • Lack of accountability for Joint Office of Homeless Services $255 million budget and outcomes.

Choose a leader with a track record of collaborating with government and community partners to open shelter and get services for neighbors, who has spent her career fixing broken systems in education, healthcare and in our communities. 

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Build for sustainable future

Housing and transportation are key components of a thriving, sustainable city and must reflect the needs of our communities now and in the future.

Let’s eliminate inefficiencies to speed up permitting and build more middle and affordable housing, enabling workers like our teachers to afford living in Portland. We can also enforce existing regulations on short-term rentals, ensuring that full-time Airbnb rentals don’t remove housing units needed by Portlanders and contribute to rising prices.

Let’s open the Green Loop to sustainably link our city and increase visits to our many small business districts. As a bike commuter, I find this development an exciting enhancement to our bicycle infrastructure.

Let’s invest in repairs to pavement, bike safety, and lighting, while improving the flow of traffic, which is essential for the thriving of residents and businesses

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Connect people and government

Portlanders overwhelmingly voted for charter reform to establish community accountability for council members. We want city councilors who address our concerns in our communities. I’m committed to being accessible and accountable in our community, not just at city hall.

From safety to roads to housing, I will deliver on the promise of giving voice to the needs and aspirations of North and Northeast Portlanders, while collaborating to create a livable city for all Portlanders.

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