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Meet Mariah

Hi, I’m Mariah, a native Oregonian and proud Portlander with a deep-seated commitment to involvement in our city. I believe in rolling up my sleeves and serving in our community, because our city will truly be what we make of it. As your councilor for North and Northeast Portland, I will work tirelessly to improve livability in our neighborhoods, restore trust and safety and support a thriving and sustainable future for our city.

Oregonian for life

I grew up in Oregon when the timber industry was shutting down. My dad ran a small business, and it was a stressful time with a lot of angst in the community—people we knew lost jobs and homes. This experience taught me the importance of supporting one another, as well as empathy for those doing their best but falling behind. As a breadwinner and mom to two PPS students, I understand well the affordability pressure soaring housing costs create for many Portlanders.

After completing my bachelor's degree at the University of Oregon, I studied the impact of public health and economic policy, as a graduate student in history, while working full time and later teaching. Developing a deep understanding of how government, especially at the local level, can shape outcomes has inspired me to a life of advocacy.

Passion for uplifting others

I began my service career with the Junior League, working at the state and local level to advance forward-looking policies that protect our most vulnerable and create a sustainable, equitable future for all—a commitment that has only grown stronger through my years in Portland.

I believe in taking action to improve our city and never stop looking out for the citizens of Portland. My track record of over 15 years in diverse volunteer leadership roles includes fighting threats to local air quality, serving in oversight roles for the school district, partnering with neighborhoods on housing and addressing homelessness, and forging regional partnerships on climate action.

Making a difference in Portland

As co-chair of the PPS Budget Advisory Committee and recently appointed chair of the PBOT Budget and Bureau Advisory Committee, I work to ensure transparency, accountability, and to provide a voice for workers and families. Serving first as vice chair and then as chair of the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Board for four years, I led our board in collaborations on livability and safety issues, and engaging the community to inform Portland's comprehensive plan.

I also serve on the Alameda Elementary PTA Board and have provided leadership with local and national sustainability organizations. This work underscores my dedication to effective governance and community empowerment, especially on issues of housing and affordability, safety, and climate.

Career in service

Professionally, I am an accomplished healthcare communicator at Oregon Health and Science University, with a background in sustainability and policy advocacy that drive my passion for civic engagement, particularly in climate action and livability. I've spent my career in higher education and health care as an instructor, sustainability officer, and a communications professional, working to build community, expand access, and advance equity.

During the pandemic, I supported our leaders and frontline workers through rolling crises to help stem the spread and meet the healthcare needs of Oregonians. My expertise in crisis communication, community leadership, grassroots work in Northeast Portland uniquely position me to tackle pressing issues like homelessness, transportation, and livability.

The right leader for our time

I’m a leader with a track record of bringing communities together. Elect me to work for Portland, because together with Portland's workers, families, doers, and makers, we will thrive.

Friends of Mariah Hudson
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